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PASS 2018
Tue 10 Apr 2018 Nice, France
co-located with ‹Programming› 2018
Conference Editions
Tue 10 Apr 2018, Nice, France

PASS 2018 with ‹Programming› 2018

Today’s IT systems are often distributed and heterogeneous. Therefore, many (functional and non-functional) system requirements must be implemented across different layers of the system stack. This workshop is interested in experiences from implementing such systems and methods or tools for their development and support.

Tue 4 Apr 2017, Brussels, Belgium

PASS 2017 with ‹Programming› 2017

The landscape of computation platforms has changed dramatically in recent years. Emerging systems - such as wearable devices, smartphones, unmanned aerial vehicles, Internet of things, cloud computing servers, heterogeneous clusters, and data centers - pose a distinct set of system-oriented challenges ranging from data throughput, energy efficiency, security, real-time guarantees, to high performance. In the mean ...