Salon des Refusés 2018
Mon 9 - Thu 12 April 2018 Nice, France
co-located with ‹Programming› 2018
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Mon 9 - Thu 12 April 2018, Nice, France

Salon des Refusés 2018 with ‹Programming› 2018

Dialectics for new computer science Salon des Refusés (“exhibition of rejects”) was an 1863 exhibition of artworks rejected from the official Paris Salon. The jury of Paris Salon required near-photographic realism and classified works according to a strict genre hierarchy. Paintings by many, later famous, modernists such as Édouard Manet were rejected and appeared in what became known as the Salon des Refusés. T ...

Mon 3 - Thu 6 April 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Salon des Refusés 2017 with ‹Programming› 2017

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